woman brought a modern cheap Tiffany jewelry

woman brought a modern cheap Tiffany jewellery
woman brought a modern cheap Tiffany jewellery

This is reminiscent of the diamond charming name, New York, Audrey Hepburn …… Now Francis Amfitheatrof brought the first fashion house of a retired collaboration from the cheap Tiffany silver jewelry.

Few women whose heart does not jump a beat in duck egg blue box of sight has a fully tied white ribbon bow. Whether it is within the range of what is flashing silver diamond pendant or a simple cluster, the recipient immediately swept the romance and history of the world, one of the most famous jeweler.

This is Charles Lewis Tiffany, also known as the “king of diamonds”, who saw the opportunity to exchange aristocrat who bought the gem in France and in need of cash to flee political instability. Tiffany’s empire grew, he became the man whom the United States emerging elite gathered together, they want to treat themselves. Today, Tiffany a shop from around the world in New York, 300 store expansion.

Fifth Avenue flagship store sparkling is a mechanism for the sights fantastic creations and exquisite beauty of everyday life segment, as well as the world-famous Tiffany yellow diamond, the acquisition of the company in 1879, and It has been worn only twice a destination – Once the ball in the 1950s, and later by Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s to promote.

Responsible for the 21st century through a lens refraction Tiffany’s legacy woman is design director Francis Amfitheatrof. cheap Tiffany jewelry style. Her idea today is typified by Tiffany who is to “see” in the last 50 years inspired elegant women.

“You can see it in the movie Breakfast at cheap Tiffany jewelry. You can see it in the Jacqueline Kennedy, in particular, that picture, she was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, no bra, just a single pedicle Tiffany bracelet, “Amfitheatrof said. “I mean, that’s cheap Tiffany jewelry style. Just one, you’re done ……” behind her, before adding, “This is partly my good.”

Part I – Italian, part almost inevitable comparisons Russia (ie the origin of majestic surnames), part of the United States, Amfitheatrof slight a refined, gamine image and high-spirited doe eyes, that with Audrey Hepburn.

Timeless simplicity and elegance, plus a simple wisdom and charm Amfitheatrof Tiffany codes have been praise and reimagining, as she joined in September 2013, from east London to New York with her husband, Ben, and two years Young children, Nicholas and Stella May.

We are meeting today in London’s avant-garde concept store Dover Street Market was the first collaboration Tiffany’s unveiling. Given the cooperation has become two a penny in the world of fashion and jewelry, but in fact, this is the first time that the brand really is not easy.

Retired collected: collection is in stores only for Dover Street Market in London, New York and Tokyo
Retired collected: collection is in stores only for Dover Street Market in London, New York and Tokyo

Differences attractive set point, the so-called “coming out” is that it is pure, pure cheap Tiffany jewelry, imbued with all the easy charm and interesting legion of fans have come to know and adore.
18 collections recovery and re-interpretation of the classic early 20th century from the 1940s.

Representatives of humor and tongue-in-cheek approach, has been a cheap Tiffany jewelry, gifts and objects provide the feeling of a large part. For example, money clip, first created in 1942, was in a shape of a dollar sign, and the purpose of the 2003 silver puzzle is to occupy the first position, “the person who has everything” on the desk.

There is evidence that mundanities life already raised a silver ring of God Qidifuni touch clamping trousers you cycle, which was originally conceived in 1971 introduced the iconic silver party hat and miniature speaker for the millennium celebrations also back, just in time for the festive season.

“Elsa Peretti’s jewelry is all fresh today as it was 25 years ago when she designed it.”
Then, of course, the jewelry, it is by Tiffany landmark sculpture 1970 adjustment. Amfitheatrof has adapted two bold cubist cufflinks to 18 carat gold earrings; one pair dotted with pavé diamonds square, while a single diamond, vivid deep emerald tsavorite adorn each other.

There are two stubby, almost architectural, knuckleduster solid 18 kt gold ring, which is like the finger of modern art works unfussy enough to wear every day. As we speak, one pair of interlocking bracelet, one gold, the other in deep rosewood, harsh Amfitheatrof wrist, “I have been wearing this month, so it’s gone pretty dark,” she told me, holding it Compare version of the display. “This was originally agate, but I put it to wood, it just feels so much modernization.”

Notoriously retirement, refers to a unique, and quite can Aidifuni philosophy, which “jewelry like we treat people,” so it is not only stopped the one, which is quite genteelly retired. This is the first time, Tiffany has worked with an idea, musicians and sports heroes have been fully utilized for many years; once you retire, it just means that the world is waiting to make a comeback.

From chat Amfitheatrof with Dell, a “stunning wife” who has for countless years, Tiffany idea came into being. She just landed a job as the Tiffany fascination in her 21st birthday, the company set up to New York. She has been in the jewelry single share to her beloved birthday gift from her parents.

Dell is now responsible for care after cheap Tiffany diamond, is a bit of an institution himself. “She is timeless and priceless,” Amfitheatrof said with a smile. If you have the insights insiders of any person who may be life-long fan of the combination of pure worship, Dell is a woman.

“She described how the brand’s emotional and it is a place to go in New York the way – I like the idea of ​​making this time,” Amfitheatrof explanation. This is Dell in whose romantic, old-fashioned term decline, such as Tiffany was “fancy goods supplier ‘and’ retirement ‘works, which inspired my latest project.

cheap Tiffany jewellery celebration yellow diamond necklace set
cheap Tiffany jewellery celebration yellow diamond necklace set

Before coming Tiffany replica, Amfitheatrof, aged 44, worked in the entire replica jewelry, art and design for 20 years. She co-sponsored arts institutions RS & A, as Chanel, Fendi and Marni to create jewelry, planning exhibitions at the museum Gucci, the important modern artists such as Jeff Koons and Damien Hess Chief Executive Seoul, furniture design Alessi design and development of perfumes for private clients.

Although she was the first to build in cheap Tiffany jewelry, Amfitheatrof curatorial skills to help unlock the company’s history from the wonderful story, and tell them in a new way. Retirement, for example, is displayed in the surreal installation inspired by Jiyinmuer, who created the facade Tiffany show that from 1955 until his retirement in 1994, “Legend.”

They are “like a cult thing, people will stumble out of Studio 54 and the genes do see his window at the store,” Amfitheatrof said. This is by Elsa Peretti, however, who created in 1974 after joining the Tiffany’s abstract elegant and perfect minimalist aesthetic design, who made the biggest impression on Amfitheatrof.

Early cheap Tiffany's jewellery Fifth Avenue store
Early cheap Tiffany’s jewellery Fifth Avenue store

Peretti is responsible for a lot, you might want to find a part of this year under the Christmas tree: Sensory modern open-heart necklace, abstract bean delicate silver necklace and earrings appeared fine, or a subtle single stone on back cuts industrial chain.

Amfitheatrof are studying jewelery design at Central Saint Martins in London during the heyday of the Peretti, Tiffany; Italian work became her “biggest obsession.” In appropriate fangirl mode, Amfitheatrof remember, “She is a person, you can identify their own” people who avoid piling diamonds all in favor, which is related to a pure silhouette silverware and practice.

“She changed the way people wore jewelry. Elsa is a real inspiration to my God and about.” This is an ongoing affair. “Her jewelry is fresh today as it was 25 years ago when she designed it.” If Peretti refreshing change in attitude is what Tiffany dream later made back its Amfitheatrof instinct, what Women are creating a buzz around cheap Tiffany jewelry to now.

Bracelet (£ 2,525), and from the T series cuff (£ six thousand nine hundred twenty-five) (tiffanyoutletbing.com)
Bracelet (£ 2,525), and from the T series cuff (£ six thousand nine hundred twenty-five) (tiffanyoutletbing.com)

She has introduced T, we gather she described as “modern but also timeless.” There are clean-lined bracelet, like basketball and understated Art Deco necklace, all with a recurring theme at right angles T-, easy to identify those in the know.

Amfitheatrof gold necklace she is wearing today is imbued has ensured a good example in everything works fine. (One set has been so rapid access to classic status reason) it’s cool to bystanders and bold, but there is more to it than that. “We’ve made it so smooth, it never kink, ‘Amfitheatrof explained.” It is your body feel better, to make it a part of you. ”

And who does not want their small part to cheap Tiffany jewelry?

Tiffany silver jewelry that the top spot in 66 American brands of digital performance

Tiffany & Co. jewelry topped the ranking and watch brand digital performance business intelligence company L2.

Retailers are only receiving a “genius” ranking in 2015, one of the two brands Digital IQ Index: watches and cheap Tiffany jewelry, where the benchmark 66-line brand in the US strength, according to a statement on December 22 L2 other “genius” brand Each secondary index is Cartier.

L2 index taking into account the quality of the website and e-commerce provided; electronic marketing; the use of mobile phones and tablet computers; and the deployment of social media to select the brand. In each area, to assess the decline to several subclasses reviewed 66 ranked brands.

Top 10 watch and jewelry brands control nearly 75% of traffic to the site within the market range of cheap silver jewelry brand, according to the L2. Only three brands – Tiffany silver jewelry and Rolex replica watches and Omega replica watches – before 10 offline brand appears both a list of the top 10 rankings on online brand.

“As an industry executive to digital channels to find the elusive growth, they are faced with a grim reality: the brand equity it took decades, even centuries, to build not transfer ratio in the Internet,” the report said.

This is why Tiffany jewelry is losing its shine

This is why Tiffany jewelry is losing its shine
This is why Tiffany jewelry is losing its shine

Iconic Tiffany’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on one of the most popular tourist destination for international tourists visiting New York.

This is the Gospel has long been a cheap Tiffany jewelry. But these days, with the dollar at a very high level of dependence on foreigners store has proven to be a drag on its performance.

Tiffany TIF Tuesday 2.01 percent of people reported lower comparable sales in the Americas, accounting for more than half of business 6%, and lowered its full-year forecast, saying it now expects annual earnings per share decreased by 5% 10% from last year.

“Once again we see a sharp decline in sales of foreign tourists with varying degrees of nationality, obvious weaknesses in the New York area,” Mark Allen, vice president, investor relations Tiffany’s, said in a conference call with analysts.

Fifth Avenue shops, in the city’s luxury shopping district in the heart, resulting in about 8 percent of the company’s sales, and about 40 percent of revenue comes from international customers in the store. But perhaps more interesting, Tiffany said the pressure of their business is not limited to tourists in New York.

In fact, sales to American customers the same, the results echoed the tepid figures, Nordstrom JWN 1.52%, while the recently announced last quarter comparable sales grew a meager 0.9%, and Neiman Ma Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, which indicates that the luxury goods industry has been hurt in the stock market volatility and macroeconomic concerns in the United States

Laurent Vasilescu, a Macquarie analyst said, Tiffany reduce the US point of sale, “the bigger luxury problem,” according to Bloomberg.

Tiffany’s challenge beyond the very high end. Cheap Tiffany jewelry get about a quarter of its sales from more expensive cheap Tiffany silver jewelry pieces price below $ 500. The company is trying to speed business, and recently launched a new line called “return to Tiffany.”

However, Aaron “in the broader consumer trends continued weakness.” Speaking

Elsewhere, Tiffany’s impressive performance, especially in China, and its stock market under pressure, raising concerns about the luxury consumer pullback. The Chinese people travel abroad, and this limits the Tiffany in the United States or consumer concerns when pinched.

Can TIFFANY make men’s cheap jewelry?

Major players on how to once again become a high-end Cheap Tiffany Jewelry market.

This is the beginning of the 1990s, when the last significant cheap Tiffany jewelry were released. The first attempt to re-enter the market, and with the jewelry an ill-fated partnership was started in 2007, but ended in disaster – Tiffany announced the production of the jewelry itself, which is a promise Andre Kenyatta is expected to live up to. He believes he can make Tiffany a prominent brand in the market, and the world’s top 15 in one, but he said it will take time.

Nicola Andreatta

“First of all I did when I took the job, I went to the archives, spent two weeks there, looking at everything from the Tiffany had been the entire 178 years.”

The need to complete is understandable, because Andreatta has a challenging task ahead of him. Tiffany, the global Cheap Tiffany luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York, to be taken seriously as a jewelry manufacturer again, and even build a new factory in Switzerland. The first timepiece from its recent emergence – the CT60 collection, using the company’s original founder Charles Tiffany, followed by New York in a few seconds, minutes abbreviation, sometimes in the Big Apple to use a phrase to describe its hectic pace.

Andreatta research clearly played a role, because each jewelry has a very classic feel, echoing the past known Mingdifuni company model. Specifically, the bank has been inspired by the 1945 to President Roosevelt in his birthday brand, its old photographs showing him wearing a few months before the end of World War II jewelry at Yalta. From $ 4,250 to $ 19,000 price range of the new CT60 collection.

Trawl through the archives must have been a fascinating experience. Andreatta will find that the timing had special links with the early days of the company – the New Yorker statue of Atlas at the main entrance of the flagship store for decades used as a means to set the time in their pocket above jewelry . He will learn, in 1868, Tiffany made the first stopwatch America, and how it built in 1874 with a Cheap Tiffany Jewelry factory in Geneva. There is definitely a foundation there.
But through the years, its overall business strategy clocks become less significant, with more emphasis on Cheap Tiffany Jewelry and diamonds. “We are a women’s brand, I think it is quite clear,” Andreatta said that his role will be to solve that part of the company’s overall perception. “Let’s watch for a male audience, 70% of the market in the world are men. We sell so many accessories for the women, and visible parts of a man’s jewelry .”

“I think people want to restart the first step one is to understand the brand’s DNA, explains:” Nicola Andreatta, the Tiffany silver jewelry manufacturer and vice president of Cheap Tiffany silver jewelry Tiffany’s third-generation, a role, he was appointed two years ago.

For now, CT60 collection is a confident first step to prove that efforts can be done. “We have started with a strong collection of an honor to our history,” Andreatta summary. “It takes time for people to trust us, treat us as a serious jewelrymaker. I would not start from the beginning with the tourbillon, for example, because no one will buy from us, because they already know the other company, making them really well, but I love the idea that this is a huge challenge. seeds already planted, we’ll look at the seed as it grows. Stay tuned. “

2015 Christmas Tiffany jewellery fantasy wonderland windows bloom blue surprise

Glittering lights of downtown streets, glittering white snow will scatter the earth, pedestrians face filled with festive joy. Romantic joy of Christmas season, along with the melodious sounds of Christmas carols, among the laughter and sweetly, waving to.

Recently, in New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue Tiffany Christmas window as about opening, with beautiful and vivid ideas, freeze resist instant heart. Christmas is a time full of miracles, a symbol of a dream come true Tiffany Blue Box (Tiffany Blue Box) make the festival has become an unparalleled romantic.

Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase
Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase

White reindeer looked around, loaded with Tiffany romantic gift of Her Majesty the exclusive sleigh gliding between the trees being cheerful.

Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase
Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase

Tiffany blue box arranged on a white ladder, Tiffany T joy jump, ready to come here to marry a couple of primers to moonlit stone arch bridge.

Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase
Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase

Beautiful courtyard littered with sparkling Tiffany jewelry, fine fir tree encrusted Tiffany Victoria, diamond Tiffany Blue Box is quietly expecting the upcoming master.

Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase
Tiffany silver jewellery 2015 Dream Christmas showcase

2015 Tiffany Christmas windows drawn from 19th-century miniature theater inspiration, depicting winter scenery in luxury heritage, in order to reshape the Ramada ultimate romantic style of the 19th century: Under classical dome arena full of flavor and curtain, Tiffany blue Snow white color and each other into a refined aesthetic fairy tale theater, fine ornate Bavarian palace looming. King majestic reindeer wearing diamond plate lying beneath huge crystal chandeliers, unruly guarded fantasy wonderland; helicopter carrying over Tiffany gift of Her Majesty the exclusive romantic sleigh gliding between the trees are cheerful; lush fir tree covered Tiffany jewelry glittering bright. In the snow of trees, Tiffany Blue Box and dazzling jewelry exudes stunning magic charm.

With the unveiling of the Christmas windows, Tiffany also especially in the Fifth Avenue flagship store facades dazzling show “Diamond light show.” “Light show” design from Tiffany in the 1939 New York World’s Fair to 128.54 karats of “legendary Tiffany yellow diamond” (Tiffany Diamond) design fireworks decorative pattern. Each giant “diamond fireworks” up to 32.3 meters.

7.8 kt sapphire Tiffany rings sold for $ 1.35 million price

A sapphire with diamond rings at Bonhams New York (Bonhams New York) of fine jewelry auction sold for $ 1.35 million price (including commissions), a record 10 kt or less Kashmir sapphire in the world auction record ($ 172,000 per carat).

7.8 kt sapphire Tiffany rings sold for $ 1.35 million price
7.8 kt sapphire Tiffany rings sold for $ 1.35 million price

While discount Tiffany rings was born in the turn of the century, the middle one is Bonhams described as “rare quality” and “deep and rich colors,” the oval cut sapphire, flanked by European cut diamonds. Fengyun sapphire weight 7.84 kt.

“Following our recent Bonhams London jewelry auction record three world records, Bonhams New York and record another world record, the 10 kt or less per carat Kashmir sapphire unit price to new heights.” Baolong international jewelry department senior director Daniel Struve (Daniel Struyf) said, “This is for the purposes of Part Baolong International Jewelry is successful week, show colored gemstones become more valuable.”

Other top-sapphire discount Tiffany rings include: * sapphire with diamond rings: the middle is a 29.74 kt pincushion sapphire (above), a certificate of origin on the words “classical Sri Lanka”, sold for $ 269,000. * Sapphire with diamond rings: the middle is a 5.23 kt oval cut sapphire (above), the origin is Kashmir, sold for $ 269,000.

From christmas discount Tiffany jewelry! make every moment special significance!

From christmas discount Tiffany jewelry! make every moment special significance!
From christmas discount Tiffany jewelry! make every moment special significance!

Tiffany should firmly believe the best gift to your most important people; when Tiffany Blue Box gently open, surprises come, the perfect gift presentation romantic love; exquisite gift, so that each significance all the time!

Symbol of the new era of women’s inner strength Tiffany Keys, as its “open up infinite possibilities” of good moral, every hand carrying the start of a magnificent adventure; the alternative elegant Tiffany Bow series and discount Tiffany Infinity series of diamond jewelry, In ingenuity carved shapes, bright Smart. Asymmetric shape of the bow, showing both romantic girl have a little rebellious heart; snowflake-shaped Victoria series draw inspiration from cold climates, a non-symmetrical manner mosaic mixed-cut diamond, a reproduction of the wonderful natural beauty of winter.

Tiffany Soleste series mosaic Tiffany yellow diamond and precious stones, are like the heart and the light emitted blazing bright color; called legendary for the Tiffany Setting six claw set diamond engagement ring with a diamond ring not only created a romantic marriage proposal Engagement tradition; and inherited a love of modern understanding and interpretation of Tiffany Harmony 18k rose gold diamond engagement ring and wedding ring, to the unique design the perfect carrying modern love eachother.

Tiffany should firmly believe the best gift to your most important people; when Tiffany Blue Box gently open, surprises come, the perfect gift presentation romantic love; exquisite gift, so that each significance all the time!

Tiffany design director Amfitheatrof draw inspiration from the intrinsic energy and architecture of New York City in order to make the abstract lines and minimalist style letter T become beauty of Tiffany T sculpture series; with the Roman numeral for design inspiration of Atlas series, bright and sleek profile with the legendary style of the perfect fusion; Tiffany T and Tiffany Atlas series stacked wear very interesting match, leading to wear discount fashion jewelry stacked; and combines modern style with gorgeous retro temperament Tiffany CT60 Series replica watches is a classic heritage of choice.
Tiffany should firmly believe the best gift to your most important people; when Tiffany Blue Box gently open, surprises come, the perfect gift presentation romantic love; exquisite gift, so that each significance all the time!

November 2015-January 2016 period, Tiffany launched the first Out of Retirement series in Dover Street Market in New York, Tokyo and London store launch. Out Of Retirement limited series consists of 18 works, including 8, discount Tiffany jewels and 10 can be used as a small gift items, each piece corresponding to Tiffany antique piece collection in the library.

Retirement of time series, Ms. Amfitheatrof lessons in design Out from iconic Blue Book series of fine discount Tiffany jewelry inspired, select the 1970s swept the 18k gold jewelry material, reproduce rich sculptural ring, bright bold linear pattern hollow diamond bracelet and neutral graphics bracelet. Otherwise an engraved 1971 Blue Book series of exquisite cufflinks earrings, gold, diamonds and Chavelet stone crafted.